Credit Card Fraud Protection

Is your online store a victim of credit card fraud?

MerchantRMS can be your custodian, shielding and instantly alerting you on in the event of a fraudulent payment instrument used for an online transaction. The card-not-present interactions on the web have proven to be susceptible to fraud and the online merchant stores tend to lose the most by way of charge backs because of disputed transactions, therefore credit card fraud protection is in the best interest of a merchant.

The integrated solution provided by MerchantRMS is an automated process for credit card fraud prevention. The system closely examines the authenticity of the payment instrument before sending it to the payment gateway for processing the transaction. The customer does not become aware of the indiscreet screening process. The merchant receives an alert automatically in case of credit card fraud detection

online credit card fraud detection

In the event of a disputed internet transaction reported by a victim of identity theft, the card issuer instantly debits the amount paid to the merchant resulting in a loss of revenue to the online business. MerchantRMS offers fraud detection services to small, medium, and large enterprises and the regularly updated techniques used for the prevention of payment fraud has made it possible for online businesses and consumers to transact business in a risk free safe environment.

Credit Card Fraud Protection features

  • Geo-location helps unmask spammers and hackers
  • Device fingerprinting tracks and identifies devices used for fraudulent transactions.
  • Velocity check generates an alert in case of multiple transactions in a short span of time.
  • Global address validation verifies billing and shipping addresses in 200+ countries

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Charge back protection benefits

  • Chargeback prevention boosts revenue earnings.
  • Credit Card fraud protection secures online transactions.
  • Payment Processed without fraud risks
  • Rule-set engine for setting levels of security for high value products.


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Curbing 80% online fraud through device identification

One of the fraud screening processes we use is Device Identification. It involves gathering information of visiting devices, probing its operating system, and querying the browser for its time zone including gathering data of the HTTP header information and the screen resolution settings of the device. MerchantRMS maintains a data of 10 million devices used for online fraud.

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Credit card fraud pevention tips

How it works?

The customer initiates a transaction on the Merchants website and enters the required information (Name, Address, Telephone, email, etc) for order processing.-- Read More

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