Credit Card Fraud Prevention Solutions

Credit Card Fraud Prevention

E-Stores are grappling in search of right solutions for Credit Card Fraud Prevention, a matter of concern that confronts on-line merchants today is how to plug the weak spots in the security systems of their online businesses.

MerchantRMS provides fraud proof solutions to e-commerce websites for card fraud prevention.  The technology used by the company to combat internet fraud makes card-not-present transactions on the Internet safer.

The easy availability of sophisticated technology used for identity theft combined with the techniques used by fraud syndicates operating online, requires matching responses from merchant stores for foolproof security related to Credit Card Fraud Prevention..

MerchantRMS uses device identification as a screening measure for credit card fraud prevention, the identification of computers - PDA’s and other devices used for online transactions makes it possible to monitor fraudulent activity on merchant websites.

The covert screening process does not tip the fraudster neither does it hamper the transaction process, the legitimate consumers do not encounter any delays due to the fraud screening processes.

Credit card fraud prevention tips and credit card fraud how to protect youself

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