Online Credit Card Fraud Detection

Online Credit Card Fraud

MerchantRMS offers never-failing protection!

MerchantRMS has multiple solutions to prevent online credit card fraud

We partner with global internet businesses in rendering a safe and a secure trading environment that offers protection against online credit card fraud, with over 4000 plus networked customers MerchantRMS has been a front runner when it comes to security related issues confronting online businesses..

Geo IP technology for determining the origins of an online credit card fraud

MerchantRMS  uses the Geo IP technology that can pinpoint with 99.9% accuracy the exact geographical location of a website visitor, the details include the country, city, zip code, area code etc. It can also provide details such as the longitudes/latitudes, the internet service provider, domain name; this technology also can check the IP address and say whether it is from an anonymous proxy or from a satellite source.

Device Fingerprint to map the equipment used for online credit card fraud

MerchantRMS the ability to identify a computer or an equipment that was used for a fraudulent transaction, a data base of such information is a handy tool for being forewarned about a potential fraudster from purporting another online credit card fraud on a merchant’s website.

Multiple Transactions in a short span of time may result in online credit card fraud

MerchantRMS has provisions to cross check multiple transactions taking place from a single source, being a fraud protection network service provider to 4000 plus online merchants, a configuration that generates a customer’s profile of transactions on a single/multiple merchant’s website in a short span of time provides grounds for suspicion of fraudulent intent. The merchant is alerted by way of the transaction being flagged for further probe, this safeguard has prevented an online credit card fraud on many e-stores..

Credit Card Fraud Protection for Online Retailers

MerchantRMS through its hosted service renders online retailers fraud prevention services. The company uses 600+ screening parameters for scrutinizing credit card transactions online, the pre-screening service is in addition to the stand-alone functions of bank terminals that authorize payment requests and provide credit card processing solutions.

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MerchamtRMS stands for  “Merchant Risk Management Service”

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